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A self-proclaimed food addict, singer Carnie Wilson says she became dependant on food very early on in life. She says she was in desperate need of attention from her father, Beach Boy Brian Wilson, and she ate to soothe herself. "I started to put on weight when I was about four and a half and it got really bad when I was around nine," Carnie says. "I ballooned. I was about 110 pounds."

At age 18, Carnie joined singing group Wilson Phillips. She turned to food to deal with the mounting pressure. Carnie eventually reached more than 300 pounds, and her struggle with obesity made headlines when she announced she would undergo a live gastric bypass surgery online. "I was very scared. I knew in my heart that that was the answer for me," Carnie says. "It had to be done. I didn't have a choice."

About 2.5 million people watched Carnie's surgery live on the Internet in 1999. After shedding 150 pounds, Carnie then underwent several plastic surgeries. A slimmer, sexier Carnie even posed for Playboy.
FROM: Suddenly Skinny
Published on October 24, 2006


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