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Rosie O'Donnell
Actress and TV personality Rosie O'Donnell is one of millions who loves to sing along with The Sound of Music, a film that holds special meaning for her.

When Rosie was just 10 years old, her mother passed away. For years after, Rosie says she dreamed of Julie Andrews becoming her new mother. "I had a recurring fantasy that Julie Andrews would show up at my house and fall in love with my dad and somehow this nanny/babysitter/nun/angel comes in and transforms the entire family," she says. "So it, for me, was a dream, a hope, a wish, a fantasy, something to sort of pin my sadness on that elevated it."

It's not just Julie that she loves—it's the entire movie. "It was life-altering," she says."It was definitely the best film I had ever seen in my life. It remains so to this day."

At least once a year, Rosie says she gathers her children together to watch it. "There are such great lessons about believing in who you are and destiny and fate and trusting your instincts and not compromising," Rosie says. "It's strange to watch a movie that meant so much to me with my own children and see it resonate with them."
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Published on October 28, 2010


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