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After the show aired, Oprah checked in with Thomas and Nancy to see what sort of response they received. "They said they received an outpouring of support from around the world," Oprah says. "Their neighbors even brought them bundt cakes."

Though they touched on many important topics during the hour, Oprah says there were a few questions asked during the postshow discussion that she wants to share. As the cameras kept rolling, one audience member asked Thomas if he plans to deliver the baby naturally or through a C-section.

"I'm planning on doing it as natural as possible," he says. "I want to feel the experience."

Thomas also shared that the baby was conceived using his eggs, and he's not able to breast feed because he had his mammary glands surgically removed years ago. "My nipples did actually change a little bit, and I was really shocked because they were grafted back on," he says. "The doctor said, 'There is a good possibility you may never have feeling again,' but they actually grew a little bit [when I got pregnant], and now I have feeling again."
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Published on June 03, 2008