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Oprah was inspired to take action in another way after learning about the conditions at some puppy mills. In April 2008, she visited PAWS Chicago, a no-kill animal shelter near Harpo Studios. During her visit, she surprised the founder by sponsoring a room for rescued dogs in memory of her dog Sophie and donating a $10,000 check from Target.

While touring the facilities, Oprah also met Brianna, an adorable puppy who stole her heart. The day after the show featuring Brianna aired, she was adopted by a Chicago family. "There are three boys in the house who say they love her fury face and are excited to have her home," Oprah says. "I was so happy Brianna got a home."

Though Oprah wanted to take Brianna home for herself, she says she's not quite ready for a new dog in her life. "It will take some time for me to be ready," she says. "As I said before, the next time I adopt a dog, I'm going to go to a no-kill shelter."
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Published on June 03, 2008


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