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"They are good kids," Dave tells Gamin. "But they are not prepared."

"I think if your kid graduates from high school and their only skill set is opening a bag of Doritos and playing Nintendo, that's child abuse."

Dave says the key to raising money-savvy kids is to make sure they make the "emotional connection" between work and money. Dave says Gamin and Billy owe their kids an apology for failing them in this way. But, Dave says, it's not too late for this family to make some changes. First, he says, Gamin and Billy should make a list of chores and put the kids on commission. Next, Dave says the kids need to learn the value of saving and giving to charity.

Finally, Dave tells Darianne to give her mom back the Cartier watch. Dave says the watch is a symbol of the new deal Gamin is making with her children. "If that watch comes off [of you and Darianne is wearing it]," Dave tells her, "you've failed the test that we put before you today."

To Bill, Dave says, "I want you to take your [business] skill set and that leadership style and want you to bring it home on this issue. I'm not saying you're a bad dad. Your kids are good kids. Now we need to make them great!"
FROM: Total Money Makeovers
Published on September 13, 2005