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Trine says obesity is becoming a bigger problem in Norway, so she tries to make sure her two children, Frida and Kasper, have as healthy a lifestyle as possible.

"When they come home from school, they're outside playing soccer, going in the woods. I want them to be active. I don't want them to sit down just being paralyzed in front of the TV," Trine says.

So what is her impression of American moms? "The impression we get from TVs and what we read in the papers, I think they should be more strict...the health issue and the eating and everything," Trine says. "I'm very strict with my kids. Like there's no peanut butter ever in the house...There's a lot of love behind a no."

Despite being health conscious, however, Trine says the best advice she gives her kids is about their emotional well-being. "To believe in themselves...like my little girl, for example, ... if she comes home and said somebody said something bad about her hair I said, 'Do you like your hair?'" Trine says. "That's the most important thing. To believe and be strong in yourself."
FROM: Moms Around the World
Published on October 23, 2006