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Recently, Oprah, Jennifer and their close friends spent time getting to know each other at Oprah's house. "What I felt from your girls was such a bond—it was like you were all sisters. I have this guesthouse," Oprah explains, "and everybody has their own bedrooms—but at one in the morning I called to see if Jen was all right, and they were all in the same bed! I go, 'Those are real friends!' That must have been very helpful to you during trying times."

"I don't even know how to explain," Jennifer says, "to have girlfriends like that—who are your sisters and your mothers and your gurus and your mentors—they kind of just gather around. They hear the call, and they're right there. And I treasure it. They are fantastic."

Even in the confines of Oprah's California home, Jennifer can't hide from one constant in her life—the paparazzi. "I've been living in peace all this time," Oprah teases, "and then you show up [at my house] and I've got helicopters going around. How does it make you feel to have your every move tracked like that?"

"I [believe] the old saying, 'What you resist, persists," Jennifer says. "There are days, of course, when I don't want it. But it will die down eventually. I have come to some peace with it. It's like, 'So how many pictures are they going to get of [me] walking down the beach?' It's got to get boring."
FROM: Oprah's 20th Anniversary Season Premiere
Published on September 19, 2005


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