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Oprah: How did all this fame and fortune happen to you?

Rachael: I have no idea, really. I was trying to sell groceries. I was a gourmet food buyer and I was trying to sell more groceries so that I'd look like a decent buyer. But nobody wanted to cook. They didn't know how. They said they had no time. So I figured we'd teach them 30-minute meals and they'd buy more groceries. … So I started a little cooking class and I figured 30 minutes because that's how much time people would wait for the pizza guy! … And actually I wanted to get local chefs to teach the class first but they all wanted too much money so my boss said, "You're a great cook. Just teach it yourself." So I did. And then it took over my life.

Oprah: That is fantastic. That's why I always say do what you love.

Rachael: My life is much better than winning the lottery. It really is.
FROM: The Dog Whisperer Helps Oprah and Stedman
Published on May 09, 2005


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