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To find out what Oprah's dozen neighbors need from their balconies, Jamie starts by asking them what they want. He finds 12 owners with 12 very different ideas of balcony bliss.

Jamie's mission is not just to transform ordinary balconies into something special, but also into something personal. "The garden has to suit the personality of the owner," he says. "That's so important because you have to take ownership of it."

John, who currently has just a propane tank on his balcony, would like to transform his space into a place to play Scrabble with his girlfriend. Karen's balcony is decorated with Christmas lights...in the middle of May. James likes playing his guitar on his balcony at sunset, but his deck floor is full of holes. Anna and Nicholas dream of an herb garden.

"The goal for this project was basically to get these guys to use their space as another room in their house ... rather than just a tack-on," Jamie says.
FROM: Oprah's Neighbors Throw a Party and Jamie Durie's Flower Pot Makeovers
Published on January 01, 2006


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