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Nate makes some big plans for the little house—and he only has 15 days to complete the massive job. "What I thought of when I first met with Mike, the architect, was to try and do something sort of modern, light-filled, bright, fresh, a tremendous amount of style," Nate says.

To open up the house's living space, Nate is raising the roof and adding a second floor in order to almost double the square footage. "I feel like when life is that chaotic, you really need to be able to have some room—room to grow, room to learn, room to interact," Nate says. "And this open plan of this house, I think, really promotes that."

The massive makeover takes more than 200 gallons of paint, 750 pounds of nails, 40,000 feet of lumber and more than 100 crew members who worked 16- to 20-hour shifts for 15 days straight. "I've never worked this fast. My crew has never worked this fast. This was a lot, and I mean a lot," Nate says.

When Nate needed some extra muscle, he brought in some help from Kari and Dave's favorite football team—the Seattle Seahawks!
FROM: Nate Builds a Dream House
Published on June 24, 2009


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