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Here's a surprise—the most powerful muscle in your body could be making you fat. Here's another—that muscle is your tongue!

"First of all, the tongue makes us incredibly good at eating," Dr. Oz says. "Human beings don't waste any calories. We put food in our mouth and we get the calories out because the tongue moves the food around a lot and our teeth embed against each other. ... Now, because we're efficient like that, we extract all the calories. Our tongue also tells us what kinds of food to eat."

Dr. Oz says that you can learn a lot about your body by knowing if you're an "undertaster," a "supertaster," or someplace in the middle. To find out which you are, stir a packet of Sweet 'n Low into about four ounces of water. Taste it. Is it sweet or bitter?

"If it tastes bitter it means that saccharin overpowered your taste buds, which means you're a supertaster," he says. "Supertasters don't like vegetables and fruits. They taste too pungent, too strong, for them. They need to take a multivitamin because if you don't like to eat those foods, you need to get that nutrition somewhere else."

"If the mixture tastes sweet, you're an undertaster," Dr. Oz says. "It means that you're going to crave a lot of foods because you can never satisfy your palate."

"Our taste buds behave differently," he says. "About the only thing we can really alter is our craving of fat, which is acquired. The rest of our traits tend to be inherited."
FROM: The Dr. Oz Diet
Published on January 01, 2006


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