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After 14 weeks in the Best Life Weight Loss Challenge, LaToya has lost 5.9 pounds—the least of all the challengers. Bob says he was encouraged by LaToya's enthusiasm at the beginning of the challenge, but then she became the only challenger to actually gain weight during the first five weeks.

Despite LaToya's insistence that she is dedicated, Bob says he doubts her commitment to the program. "When I look in LaToya's eyes, I don't see someone that's fully committed. I see someone justifying why they're living their life the way they are living it," Bob says.

While she was under lockdown at Cal-a-Vie, LaToya lost six pounds—and, weeks later, her total hasn't changed. LaToya says her clothes are fitting better, and she really can't explain her steady weight. "I don't eat out. I'm picking the groceries and cooking and packing lunches and things like that. That wasn't happening before. And working out in a way that I hadn't been before, working out five times a week," she says. "All those things are happening, but obviously there's something missing, and I'm open to hearing what those things are."

Bob says he believes LaToya thinks she is doing everything right—but that might not be the case. "Is she as committed as most of the other challengers? Absolutely not. I can guarantee she's [overreporting] the exercise, not on purpose … and not doing what she says she's doing, and perhaps even underreporting on the eating side. And I think it's about, 'This is great. I want to lose weight if it fits into my lifestyle, but I don't want to change too much of my lifestyle.'"
FROM: The Big Weigh In: Best Life Weight Loss Challenge Update
Published on January 01, 2006


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