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Danyelle says she recently lost 90 pounds in part by eating foods that use Olean and Olestra. These artificial oils have been known to cause stomach problems and diarrhea in some people, though others report little or no side effects. Though she's had none of the side effects, Danyelle asks Dr. Oz if eating them is healthy.

"They're not dangerous for you," Dr. Oz says, but he offers a caution. "It's a synthetic product you're putting in your body. The nice thing about them, actually, is they keep you honest. If you eat a really fatty food, when you go to the bathroom, it looks like an oil spill. ... The way they these products work is they prevent your intestines from absorbing fat. They're supposed to get you trained to have less fat coming through your diet."

If you do rely on foods cooked in these synthetic fats to lose weight, Dr. Oz says, you need to eat plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables to replenish the vitamins A and E that are being blocked from your body.
FROM: Dr. Oz Answers Your Burning Weight Loss Questions
Published on January 01, 2006


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