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When Dr. Oz said healthy, monogamous sex can help you lose weight, viewers wrote in with lots of questions.

First, Dr. Oz wants to clear up a misconception that sex burns a lot of calories. In fact, sex only burns about 25, equal to half a slice of bread.

Instead, Dr. Oz says the real value of meaningful sex—not recreational sex—comes from the release of a hormone called oxytocin, which makes you feel community, love and empathy. "That is incredibly important because besides lowering your blood pressure, what it does is it tells your gut not to send signals to the brain to eat. So it's a wonderful tool to get you where you want to be," Dr. Oz says. Losing weight then tends to increase your sex drive, he says.

And, losing weight improves the sex lives of men in another way. "If you lose 35 pounds, if you're a male, you are gaining one inch of penis length," he says. Often when a man is carrying a lot of extra weight, Dr. Oz says a fat bundle builds up and starts to surround the shaft. As a man drops the weight, that fat starts to recede.

"I've been doing this show 21 years," Oprah says. "I always love to hear something I've never heard before, and I've never heard that before."
FROM: Dr. Oz Answers Your Burning Weight Loss Questions
Published on January 01, 2006


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