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There was a time when Melissa, a stay-at-home mom from Salt Lake City, could call herself a rock climber, mountain biker, beauty queen and model.

Now, 90 pounds heavier than she was when she competed in the Miss Utah pageant, Melissa says the extra weight is affecting her physically and emotionally. "I don't feel sexy anymore," she says. "The extra weight makes me feel slow. I just feel like I can't get going."

Melissa says she remembers feeling beautiful and elegant as a size 8. As a size 18, she says it's a struggle just to get out bed in the morning. "I think that deep down there's a sad part of my heart that knows I could be doing so much better in all aspects of my life if I was fit, if I was in shape, if I was eating healthier," she says.

What motivated Melissa to sign up for the Best Life Weight Loss Challenge? "My kids are one of the main reasons I want to lose weight…so that I can be totally present and totally there for them," she says.

Melissa admits that she's been "checked out" at home. When she hears her 2-year-old son calling for her in the morning, she says she gets up and gets him breakfast and then sometimes goes back to bed.

After hearing about Bob's Best Life Diet on The Oprah Show, Melissa says she was determined to wake up the next morning and make a change. "Someone on the show said, 'If you don't have motivation, start doing it and you'll get the motivation,'" she says. "So I decided I would start doing it."
FROM: The Best Life Diet Weight Loss Challenge: The Launch
Published on January 01, 2006


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