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After such a dramatic transformation in her life and lifestyle, Stacey says that she has lost some friends, an experience she calls "unexplainable."

"I once was in an alcoholic unit as an eating disorder patient, and I used to see the alcoholics' spouses standing by their spouse through the whole recovery. And then as soon as they recovered, the spouse would walk away and they would say, 'Okay, I know they're okay now. Too much water under the bridge.' And they'd walk away from their spouse," Stacey says. "Sometimes I think that's what happened with my friends. There was just so much, you know, so much pain, so much they had to see me go through. And it hurts because I would like them to enjoy...all we got to do before was eat together. Now we could go to movies and do other things. It's a whole process of starting a new life.

It's not all them, of course. "I do take some blame," Stacey says. "You know you see angry alcoholics? I was an angry foodaholic. I was bitter and nasty. People would come over and I wouldn't let them in my door and I wouldn't return calls. I have done my share."
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Published on May 16, 2005