The Family Book Club

This is one thing you can do with your nearest and dearest whether they're far away, down the road or gathered for a visit. Everybody reads the same title and then shares their opinions around the dinner table.
The Nature Principle

The Nature Principle

320 pages; Algonquin Books
Six years ago, Richard Louv wrote his groundbreaking book Last Child in the Woods, in which he examined how today's kids were coping with what he termed "nature-deficit disorder." This year, in The Nature Principle, he's back, looking at how the same condition affects grown-ups. "What would our lives be like if our days and nights were as immersed in nature as they are in technology?" he asks, and "How can each of us help create that life-enhancing world, not only in a hypothetical future, but right now, for our families and for ourselves?" Combining fascinating personal anecdotes (a trip bear-sniffing with his family in Alaska) with the latest relevant studies (hospital patients in rooms with tree views had shorter stays and less need for pain medication than those with brick views) with practical ways to bring nature back into your life (what he calls "deep green exercise"), The Nature Principle manages to both teach and delight. Think of it as a refreshing hike for the mind and soul through 320 pages.
— Leigh Newman