Alexis Stewart

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Alexis Stewart is 42, single...and just happens to be business mogul Martha Stewart's daughter. Like millions of women around the world, Alexis desperately wants a child of her own. Unlike most women, she spends up to about $28,000 a month trying to make her dream a reality.

For the past year, Alexis has been seeing fertility doctors and trying cutting-edge procedures to get pregnant. She says she's known for years that she wanted to be a mother...but life got in the way. "I was around 36 [when I decided I wanted a baby]. ... It wasn't a good time. I forgot about it," she says. "Then about two years ago, I started to think about it again."

With medical miracles happening all the time, Alexis says she always thought she could wait to conceive. Now that she's ready to be a mom, she says it's almost too late.

"[We] get distracted because now we have jobs, and now we have other things to do. Medicine seems miraculous—you can do anything you want," she says. "Movie stars have babies late. It seems all possible, but you don't hear the stories of the people who can't have a baby."