Kendall and Jennifer

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As they prepare for the life-altering experience of parenthood, Jennifer and Kendall say their ordeal has already made a difference in their lives. "Obviously, the infertility changes you," she says. "But this experience, doing the surrogacy, going to India and forming that bond with these people halfway around the world—it's definitely changed both of us."

A few weeks before their baby is born, Jennifer and Kendall will travel back to India so they can be present at the birth.

"The time we got to spend together there, through the culture shock initially and through all the stuff, has definitely brought us together, and just helped us out immensely," Kendall says.

In addition to its obvious impact for everyone involved, Lisa says this arrangement has even broader implications. "Now this baby and this couple will have this bond with this country. And in a way, become these sort of ambassadors, these cultural ambassadors," she says. "It's confirmation of how close our countries can really be."