What's the point of a planet-friendly makeover if your castoffs end up in a landfill? "Tossing them out negates the effect of the environmentally correct products you put in," explains environmental designer Danny Seo, who recommends doing the following. 

Appliances: Stores like Lowe's and Home Depot will often haul away a used appliance for recycling when you buy a new one, but if you're stuck with an old model, call 800-GOT-JUNK and they will pick it up, recycle what they can, and take the rest to the dump for a fee.

Computers, printers, and other electronics: Staples stores will take small items for free, larger ones for $10 each, and recycle them. Or contact your local waste management department; many cities have drop-off sites for electronics and toxic waste.

Magazines, office paper, newspapers, catalogs, and mail: If your area doesn't offer paper recycling, look for Paper Retriever recycling bins in your town. The proceeds benefit schools and nonprofit organizations in your community.

Carpet: Find a local carpet collection and recycling service at CarpetRecovery.org.

Random Items: You can always donate clothing, kitchenware, furniture, and other household goods to a local charity thrift store and get a tax deduction. Or keep functional items out of a landfill by giving them away. Post a classified ad on Freecycle.org or Craigslist.org.

Above: Actress Kerry Washington shopping with designer Danny Seo. See how they made over Kerry's apartment with bold, affordable and planet-friendly style


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