P.Diddy discusses voting

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P. Diddy is anything but subtle…whatever he wants, he goes for and gets it. Now, P. Diddy wants you to get out and vote! He brought along t-shirts for the audience with a slogan he created, "Vote or Die!"

"For years, people have wondered why young people and minorities are not involved in the voting process," P. Diddy says. "They're disenfranchised. I wanted to come up with a slogan that will wake 'em up and let 'em know how it really is out here. People have died for us to have this right to vote and the rights we have today, and we must exercise that right. …I wanted to come up with a slogan that was really politically-incorrect, that was rock 'n' roll, that was hip-hop. That expressed what young people feel, and the urgency of the matter. When you vote a president into office, you're putting your life and the lives of your families in someone else's hands. You have to vote on November 2nd to have a say-so in your future."