Anneli Pierce and Stefhan Markstrom

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Once they reached the safety of the hilltop, it was apparent that many of the survivors were seriously injured. So Anneli, who once planned to be a doctor, used her basic medical training to help.

"There was a doctor at the hilltop when we came there." Anneli says. "He was walking around in the area asking for someone who had medical training, and I happened to be the only one. ... There was a quite primitive clinic on the hilltop, with only one big room. In the room there were some bandages and some Tylenol: just the basics. He gave me this really big box of stuff and said, 'I'll see you tomorrow.' I don't know where the doctor went. Probably to the closest biggest city to treat more injured people."

Stefhan says that Anneli was "the angel on the hill."