Lisa Ling tours a home on the compound.

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While on the compound, the attorneys arranged for Lisa to get a house tour from a woman named Sarah—with one stipulation: Lisa could not ask Sarah any personal questions.

Sarah's home is one of the many huge, log cabin-style homes standing throughout the compound. Lisa is first struck by a sprawling living room and the dining room.   The bedrooms are located in a maze-like series of hallways. Each bedroom has multiple beds. When asked how many children live in the home, Sarah can only say "lots."

Adorning the walls are photographs of Warren Jeffs, whom Lisa says the community still considers their leader even though he is in prison. "The homes are very sort of sparse. It's all kind of this muted gray, gray-blue color carpeting, and there are no photographs on the wall except for those of the prophet," Lisa says. "What was unusual for me is that Warren Jeffs, in the outside world, he's a convicted criminal. He's serving time in prison. Yet his photograph was everywhere, including in all of the children's bedrooms."