For years, Oprah's been bringing her lunch to work every day. "Stedman's always making fun of me every morning," she says. "I go, 'Look, I'm saving $5.'"

Now there's an even better way to save money on packed lunches that will help the environment too. By switching from using disposable items in your lunches to reusable ones, you could save as much as $320. You'll reduce your waste too. This is important, green expert Simran Sethi says, because the Environmental Protection Agency says we currently use 300 billion plastic bags a year. "It's an outrageous number," she says.

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Take the Lunch Challenge—switch from disposables to reusable bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, napkins and utensils when packing your family's lunches.

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"This is all about being conscious and recognizing everything you do has an impact," Simran says. "Everything you put out there is going to stay with us for a long time to come."

Find out how to have your family eating leaner—and greener!


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