On September 2, 2009, ABC News announced that veteran television journalist Diane Sawyer—current co-host of Good Morning America—will take over the anchor chair on the network's flagship news program ABC World News in January 2010. Journalist Lisa Ling shares her feelings about the news.


That was my reaction upon hearing that Diane Sawyer will be taking the helm at ABC's World News Tonight after Charlie Gibson's departure.

I met Diane about 10 years ago when I was a co-host on ABC's The View. Having contributed to a couple of network news broadcasts for several years prior while a correspondent for Channel One News, I will say that my interactions with many high-profile news talents were less than cordial. I won't name names, but as a young reporter I recall a number of reporters treating me terribly dismissively. Not all of them by any means, but a couple of the big ones. Diane was different. She was kind, gracious and, most importantly, she treated me with respect. I have never forgotten it. 

Recently, during my sister's detainment, Diane not only reached out, but took time out of her chaotic schedule to help our family. She made calls and took meetings on our behalf for which we will be forever grateful. 

One should never underestimate the power of being kind to others—especially to those young people who may admire you or aspire to be like you. One day, he or she may write about you in a very well-read blog or article, and it may not be nice.
Not the case here. Congrats, Diane, you deserve it.

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