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Hug It Out
Every Wednesday, 82-year-old retiree Anthony Cymerys keeps his skills and scissors sharp by offering haircuts to Hartford's homeless and down on their luck. Clients wait on benches in the city's Bushnell Park for a turn in his lawn chair. The price? One hug.

Photo: Meredith Lee for The HSUS

Man's Awesomest Friend
And the Humane Society's annual Pets of Valor Award goes to—drumroll, please—Chilly! The 3-year-old English bulldog mix noticed her napping owner going into anaphylactic shock and whined, pawed and licked her until she woke up. Chilly beat out stiff competition; read about the other furry finalists at
Magic Carpet Yoga Mat

Photo: Sophie Leininger

Welcome, Mats!
If they were really magic, Magic Carpet Yoga Mats would help you master crow pose. But they will give you more motivation to hit up a class, if only to flaunt their bold, textile-inspired designs, hand drawn by Oakland-based artist Sophie Leininger. Get yours at
Neil Patrick Harris

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Host With the Most
Since helming the Emmys in 2009, Neil Patrick Harris has sharpened his shtick through four turns as host of the Tonys. On September 22 on CBS, he returns to center stage at the TV awards show; fingers crossed for a Broadway-style tribute to Breaking Bad.
Shredded mail

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You've Got No Junk Mail!
Stem the endless credit card promotions and clothing catalogs with PaperKarma, a free app that stops paper junk mail. Once you've downloaded the app, simply snap a pic of the mail and click Unsubscribe me!; PaperKarma contacts the sender to remove you from the distribution list. Toss that!

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