Bono will be guest editor of 'Vanity Fair' in July of 2007.

Oprah calls him the reigning king of hope and just about the coolest guy on the planet. Grammy-winning rock star Bono has a new summer gig everyone should know about.

In July of 2007, Bono will be Vanity Fair magazine's first-ever guest editor. His theme of choice is Africa—a land close to his heart and to Oprah's. "All of us, Oprah and myself, you know, all of the activists who have been to Africa see it as a human rights issue," Bono says. "We tend to show pictures of just the tragedy of HIV/AIDS or extreme poverty. Africa is much more interesting than that. What we wanted with Vanity Fair was to describe Africa as an adventure. As an opportunity. Not just a burden."

As guest editor, Bono also wants to show how access to common medicines can create miracles in Africa. "I mean, you can be at death's door, and with two pills a day, [you're] back at work 40 days later, which is kind of miraculous," he says.
Annie Leibovitz shot 20 different covers for the issue.

In honor of this landmark issue, Vanity Fair will have 20 different covers shot by photographer Annie Leibovitz. Each cover will feature the famous faces who are leading the way to a brighter future for Africa. "This is kind of a visual chain letter of people talking, spreading the message from person to person to person to person to person," Annie says. "These are incredible people of our time involved in this effort to make Africa better."

Oprah is honored to be featured on two of the 20 covers. She poses with Bill and Melinda Gates on one, and with George Clooney on the other. "You have Oprah hanging out with George Clooney and not me," Bono jokes. "How does he always get the girl? Just explain that one to me."

Look for the July 2007 issue of Vanity Fair on newsstands soon!
Bono helps people in Africa.

If you are interested in helping the people of Africa, there are many ways you can make a difference. "You should choose based upon what speaks to your heart so that it's not just a check that you're writing. That you literally are making a spiritual connection, and the spiritual connection will be felt wherever it is you're sending the money to," Oprah says.

Oprah says she knows of two great organizations. One is an organization called Women for Women International. Through Women for Women International, you can sponsor a woman in another country and help her find a better life. "They have people over wherever the country is, whether it's Ecuador or Africa or, you know, China, and they have a support system that helps those women build businesses," Oprah says. For more information, visit

Another organization to consider is Heifer International, a group working to end world hunger and poverty while caring for the earth. Through the organization, you can donate livestock and other items that help families provide for themselves. "You can go and you can buy a goat, you can buy two goats, you can buy a sheep, you can buy a pig. You can buy a whole farm," Oprah says. For more information, visit

But Oprah doesn't like to just give money, she likes to get involved. It's only natural that two more organizations are close to her heart—the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation and Oprah's Angel Network.