My First 11 Pounds of Cheesecake (in 9 Minutes)
Sonya Thomas, 105-lb. competitive eater; world record holder in cheesecake, deep-fried okra, hard-boiled eggs, fruitcake, and 17 other foods

With cheesecake you don't need to practice—you just swallow. It goes down smooth. It's not like hot dogs. A hot dog, you have to chew. You have to use your teeth.

The competition where I set the record was the first time I'd ever eaten more than a forkful of cheesecake. People said it was good with coffee, so I washed it down with four 16-ounce cups with cream and Equal. They gave us small forks, but that was too slow, so I started using my hands. You cannot eat cheesecake fast with your hands, though; it's too messy. I thought, "Oh God, no. I've got to change my technique." Then they gave me a big spoon, and I switched to scooping, which was better.

Enjoying the cheesecake is when you eat about four to six pounds. It's gooood. Then later you're not enjoying it. The next day was not so good.


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