The Morning Ritual That Helps Janet Mock Live in Her Truth

After writer and MSNBC Shift host Janet Mock went public with her story about being transgender, she instantly became one of the most visible and influential trans women in the world. Each day, she continues to live in her truth, telling Oprah that she begins her mornings with an important ritual.

"I wake up every single morning, and I do Morning Pages, by Julia Cameron from The Artist's Way," Janet says. "I sit down and I do three longhand pages telling myself what I'm thinking, getting it all out of my head so that I can just move on with the day."

This practice is also a part of what inspires Janet to face the day and "show up" as who she truly is.

This practice is also a part of what inspires Janet to face the day and "show up" as who she truly is.

"For me, it's about no longer performing for people," she says. "I'm just going to be Janet today, and this is what Janet is today. And so that's what keep me going is that quest for just being able to be present and be myself—not for people, but for me, because I think that that's the only way for me to be useful."
Published 07/30/2015
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