Q: Now that the weather is changing, what is the best way to keep my skin in control?

A: Cold weather, wind and dry air can suck moisture from your skin. If your skin feels tight and dry, you probably need to switch to a milder cleanser (Dove Cool Moisture Foaming Facial Cleanser, $3.95, Regularly moisturizing is important to avoid flaky and peeling skin by hydrating while still providing a protective barrier on the skin's surface. Lastly, hydrate from within by switching your daily coffee with green tea bursting with antioxidants called catechins, which also fight viruses and slow aging.

Q: I've always wanted to wear red lipstick but never know which red is the right color for me. Now that the holidays are upon us, I'm ready to go for it. Help!

A: Nothing says holiday like the color red! Choosing the right shade can be quite challenging. I suggest you start by determining the undertone of your skin. The best way to do this is look at the inside of your wrist. If you have green veins, more than likely you have warm undertones and an orange-based red is what you are looking for (Red Sinner, $18, If your veins are blue, your undertones are cool, so a red with a blue undertone will suit you best (Nars Jungle Red, $24, A little rule of thumb to remember when wearing red lipstick is if any blush is worn at all, keep it very minimal!

Q: I'm an older woman who likes to wear color, as it makes me feel good. Do I have to stop wearing color just because I'm now a certain age or because it is not the warm season?

A: I believe in the power of color, and the main thing that stands out to me in your question is "It makes me feel good." You should never stop doing something as harmless as wearing colorful makeup if it puts you in a positive space. There are many different shades of blue and purple in the world of cosmetics, and my advice is wear them in the undertones that work with your skin, but maybe not all at the same time. Age is nothing but a number, but feeling good is immeasurable.

Damone Roberts answers your top 5 beauty questions


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