Harsh winter weather can ravage skin and hair, but with the right routine and a shot of color, the cold months can be more glamorous than ever. Makeup artist Damone Roberts explains how to winterize your skin, hair and makeup routine.
Q: What are the hottest makeup trends to watch this holiday season?

A: 'Tis the season to sparkle, but always be mindful of overdoing the shimmer. Do not apply metallics everywhere on the face, or you'll end up looking like you belong on the top of someone's Christmas tree. Choose only two areas, like your eyes and cheeks (Opulent Shimmer Powder, $32, EsteeLauder.com). Warm colors like gold and bronze work well on many different skin tones (Goldmine eyeshadow, $14.50, MACCosmetics.com) and try to avoid lipsticks with a frost finish, which has a tendency to look dated.

Q: My hair always looks duller and darker during the winter. How can I liven it up without coloring it?

A: Dry, cool weather can take away all the moisture from your hair, which in turn takes away the ability to shine. A easy fix is to go right into your kitchen to mix olive oil, egg yolk and avocado together in a bowl (equal amounts depending on your hair length). Saturate your hair before applying a plastic cap to lock in the moisture for a good 20 minutes before rinsing (you can go longer if you feel the need).

Another option is go to a professional salon for a cellophane, which is a nonchemical hair treatment that adds more sheen by filling and pumping the hair shaft and sealing the cuticle layer.

Roberts' winter skincare routine


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