Q: I'm flat-chested—what should I wear to build myself up on top?

A: Loads of well-endowed women would love to have your "problem"! Chic clothes hang better on boyish figures, plus you can get away with minimal support—or go braless—under halternecks or low backs. But if you want to emphasize your assets...

1. Pick curvy shapes that highlight and slim the waist. Your bust will look bigger in comparison.

2. Stick to higher necklines that don't expose a (possibly bony) chest.

3. Avoid skintight fit or clingy fabric.

4. Enjoy the current craze for ruffles and flounces—or any other eye-catching detail that spotlights your upper half: chest pockets, ruching, horizontal stripes, bold color.

Clothes for flat-chested women Sizing up the bust: Do an hourglass number on your body with a strategically ruched dress (far left), build your bosom with a ruffled blouse (bottom right), or give the impression of curves in a shaped jacket (top right).
Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio D 


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