Deanna Perlmutter swimsuit makeover in O the Oprah Magazine

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Deanna Perlmutter, 42

What Deanna sees in the mirror: "In high school I was the tallest, skinniest girl in my class, but when I turned 40, my body changed. Now all I see are huge legs and big, fat hips," says Deanna, who works in commercial food sales. "I wish I could put my torso on someone else's bottom half, but I can't. A dressing room is the place to get honest about your body." Recently, the 59 Deanna started wearing bathing suits with skirts, which only made her feel matronly.

Adam's solution: Because it emphasizes the hips, a skirted suit is actually the worst thing Deanna could choose, says Adam. Instead, she should look for a suit like this one (Sundance, $158), which creates balance by drawing attention to her upper body. "The ruffle does a lot to detract from the weight of my hips," says Deanna. With a one-piece, choose a solid color, Adam says; with separates, go lighter on top and darker on the bottom.

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