My brother inherited my mom’s thick, lustrous hair. I got my dad’s thin-at-the-temples look. Last year, when I turned 30, I started to worry that my wispy situation might be heading toward something more dire. I’d heard of Harklinikken’s hair growth system and decided to give it a try.

The Danish company offers a simple solution for people like me: a proprietary watery plant- and milk-derived extract (at a cost of $78 monthly) that’s custom-tailored to their hair problems after they’ve filled out an online questionnaire and are briefed on the treatment via a Skype consultation ($49). My prognosis was great: I was told if I used the extract indefinitely, I could potentially grow 40 percent more hair. The hitch? I had to squirt the formula onto my problem areas twice each night and rub it in, then wash it out in the morning with Harklinikken’s shampoo (from $29). I’m the kind of person who can barely manage to take her vitamins, so applying the serum became a sticking point. Work, late dinners, and travel kept getting in the way. I’d forget about it until bedtime and, not wanting to get my pillowcase damp, sleepily resolve to do better the next day. But here’s the thing: Even though I wound up skipping the treatment more than half the time in the eight months since I started, I have a healthy crop of baby hairs coming in, a significantly thicker part, and, I hope, a more luxuriant future.

Shiny, pretty, and strong! Three weeks and counting.

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