"We're driven to believe that it's not possible to have a beautiful body with fat hanging over your waistband," say Trinny and Susannah in their book What Not to Wear. "This is terrible for any of us who have so much as looked at a doughnut or even thought about babies, let alone heaved them out. … So, if you can't beat it, conceal it."

Here are some of Trinny and Susannah's top tricks to camouflage excess tummy fat and give the illusion of a flat stomach.

Tip #1

Wear trousers that cut across the middle of your belly. Your stomach will look half the size! And low-waisted pants also help cut the size of your butt down, too.

Tip #2

Wear gathered or ruched shirts. No one will know if it's the fabric or your flesh that's making the waves.

Tip #3

Wear wrap dresses and tops. They keep your boobs separated and create a more defined waistline.

Tip #4

Wear low-waisted skirts and your stomach will look half its size.

Tip #5

Wear jeans that are one-size too big so they’ll hang loose around your waist and disguise your tummy.

Tip #6

Wear shirt-tail tops. These scoop down and gently cover the tummy in front, and reveal at your sides a hopefully slimmer hipbone.

Tip #7

Wear short-waisted, fitted jackets. The tight waist will encourage the peplum to flare over the tummy like a little brim.

Tip #8

Don't wear pleated pants. The pleats only accentuate the belly area.

Tip #9

Don't wear short T-shirts or tight tank tops. You only need to look at the image of Susannah above to see that they creep up and reveal a pillow of fat.

Tip #10

Don't wear belted jackets. The belt creates gathers that increase the width of your uncontrollable girth.