Tory Burch

Tory Burch on her Passion for Work
New York's style setter Tory Burch is being hailed as "the next big thing" in fashion. Married to a successful businessman, Tory has six children—three energetic boys and three stepdaughters. Many wonder why she would go back to work now, but Tory says her passion brought her back to work.

"I love working," Tory says. "I love to keep my mind active. I've lived my life where I've taken chances and if I believe in something, I go for it. And I did. I'm very glad I went for it."
Tory Burch terry cloth tunic

Printed Terry Cloth Reversible Tunic
Harper's Bazaar said Tory Burch represents the best in new basics and soon-to-be classics that are easy on the budget. Tory's line is known for printed and embellished tunics. This printed terry cloth tunic launched her entire collection.

"It's very flattering on all body types," Tory says. "I really love it. It's reversible, too."
Tory Burch green linen tunic

Embellished Green Tunic
This embellished look is on vintage green linen. Cute-ola!
Tory Burch white embellished linen tunic

White Linen Tunic
This Tory Burch pale pink tunic looks fabulous with jeans, but it could also be worn with dressy pants for a day-to-evening look.
Tory Burch's brown linen tunic

Brown tunic with Shorts
Here's the tunic in brown…great with shorts during the day for the brave!
Tory Burch linen skirt

Embellished skirt
Tory says this is her favorite outfit in the collection. The brown embellished linen skirt is also available in ivory.
Tory Burch's trench coat

Yellow Trench Coat
Tory says she found it hard to find classic silhouettes—so she wanted her collection to be a solution for women looking for such classic looks.

Tory's yellow classic trench gives a clean line to the amazing prints she's becoming known for in the fashion world.
Tory Burch print top with shorts

Layered Printed Top with Shorts
Even with classic white Bermuda shorts, Tory Burch's layered print tops work well!
Tory Burch accessorizing

Accessorizing with Necklaces
For Tory, accessories dress up any outfit. Here, she layered necklaces to complete the perfect spring look.
Tory Burch African beaded tunic

African Beaded Tunic
This is a Tory Burch African beaded tank. "It feels like you're wearing a necklace, and that's why I love it," Tory says.
Tory Burch logo sweater

Tory Logo Sweater
This blue and green sweater bares the Tory Burch logo. Tory wanted to incorporate her logo as more of a design element rather than an in-your-face brand identity. Paired with linen embroidered pants? The perfect casual spring look!
Tory Burch Dickeys

Dickeys Go Modern
This model is wearing a dickey—yep, like mom used to wear—but this time not only practical, but modern. The collar and cuffs button in and out. "I'm wearing one now!" Oprah says.
Tory Burch's layered looks

Tory's Layering Philosophy
Tory says she loves working with lightweight knits because they are great to layer and are flattering. The model also shows off Tory Burch espadrilles, a basic in the collection.
Tory Burch patterned cropped coat

Patterned Cropped Coat
This patterned cropped coat is what Tory says the collection likes to be about—classic but with fun and flair.
Tory Burch car coat

Patterned Car Coat
The car coat version of the patterned coat is flattering on all body types. Mixing and matching is great for the office and beyond.
Tory Burch metallics

Wearing Metallics
Tory says that that metallics are something she'll always do for the Tory Burch collections—they transcend trends. Again, great from day to evening.
Tory Burch's jersey tulle metallic top

Metallic Tops with Jersey Tulle
Here Tory's metallic top works with stretch jersey tulle. She says it feels like you're wearing a T-shirt!

Tory's clothes can be found at department stores across the country including Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue. They can also be found in her New York City boutique called Tory and online at