Sabrina Regan, assistant photo editor of O Magazine's eyebrow makeover.

Sabrina Regan, Assistant Photo Editor

Analysis: Brows slant downward. They're also bushy, which will make it easy for Anastasia to create a shape, because there's more hair to work with.

Prescription: Brush brows up and trim them; create an arch by tweezing where brows are heaviest, toward her nose. Make brows the same length with brow powder, applied with short, light strokes.
An O Magazine staffer's evened-out highlighted eyebrows.

Jennifer Tonetti, Account Director

Analysis: Right brow is higher than left, and both are over-trimmed. They're also too dark, so they clash with Jennifer's honey blonde hair.

Prescription: Bleach brows to a warm blonde, then slightly shape them and even them out. Fill gap in right brow with powder, and then apply highlighter on brow bone to accentuate shape.
Judy Prouty, O Magazine's style director's eyebrow makeover.

Judy Prouty, Style Director

Analysis: There are a lot of little gaps between hairs that make brows appear sparse, but they're not, really. Brows have a lovely shape and fine, natural arch.

Prescription: Wax and tweeze just under brow bone to bring out arch. Fill in with brow powder, and then apply highlighter on brow bone.
O Magazine's photo director gets an eyebrow makeover.

Karen Frank, Photo Director

Analysis: Brows are very thick toward nose and over-tweezed from arch to tail end, making eyes appear smaller.

Prescription: Thin out inside end of the brows and thicken "body" with powder. Apply highlighter along brow bone. Karen's eyes now seem bigger and brighter.
An Anastasia eyebrow makeover for dark brows on fair skin.

Joy Jacobs, Beauty Intern

Analysis: Skin is fair, and brows are too dark—darker than hair color.

Prescription: Bleach brows two shades lighter and thin out areas closest to Joy's nose. Tweeze below brow bone to create arch, and also brush brows up to trim longest hairs. Apply a light sweep of gel on them—because they're a bit unruly—to keep them in place.
Over-tweezed eyebrow makeover

Jamilla Coleman, Editorial Assistant

Analysis: Brows are over-tweezed, space between them is too wide, and they're too round, giving Jamilla's face a moon shape. Right brow is narrower than left.

Prescription: Thicken both brows and create arch with brow powder in Brunette. Slight arch defines eyes and gives Jamilla's face a slimmer look.
An unruly eyebrow makeover by Anastasia

Chloe Weiss, Art Assistant

Analysis: Brows are too short and too widely spaced. Right brow is higher than left, and hairs are unruly.

Prescription: Clean up stray hairs under brow bone, and tweeze (down) toward earlobe to create shape. Fill in gap and lengthen brow with short, light strokes of powder. Comb brows up and trim them; new shape brings out Chloe's cheekbones.