Donna Karan Infinity Dress

Would you pay $995 for a dress? Yikes, that's high...but what about $995 for seven dresses? Donna Karan New York calls this knit the Infinity Dress—you can twist, tie, and wrap it to produce a low-waisted mini, an obi-sashed sheath, an off-the-shoulder shift.... In cap- or long-sleeved versions, it's made of flattering, indestructible jersey. 

Metal accessories sold separately. Long-sleeved version, $1,095

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The boatneck is great for cocktails. Accessorize with big, chunky silver jewelry or big bangles to add personality.

Turn it into a simple ruched sheath, and you'll feel like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Wrap the bottom tightly to create a mini-skirt and a loose top, and you've got an instant young, hip dress for a night out.

If you're small-busted, this twisted style gives the illusion of having more cleavage.

Criss-crossing fabric in front creates a very flattering style for large-busted women. The top holds you in, and if you're bigger on bottom, folds help create balance by making shoulders look wider. It's beautiful and elegant enough to wear to a wedding.

Since jersey doesn't wrinkle, you can roll the whole thing into a ball and put it in your carry-on for a vacation. If there's one thing you should bring with you, it would be this dress, and creating a simple scoop-neck works anytime, anywhere.

Accessorize with a silver buckle, or belt it yourself for a chic off-the-shoulder look.

How-To: Each dress comes with instructions, but my biggest suggestion is to practice before you wear it. If it's the first time you're putting it on and you're in a rush to get dressed, you're going to be very frustrated. But it's like wrapping a scarf—once you figure it out, it's the simplest thing in the world.