Natural looking skinAre wrinkles, age spots and dark circles making you look older than you feel? Blemishes got you feeling like a teenager the worst way? Listen up! Laura Mercier reveals the best cover-ups in makeup—foundation, camouflage and concealer. Hide your little imperfections and allow the natural, youthful you to show through!

FoundationFoundation Fundamentals
Are you still using foundation all over your face, even to cover your flaws? Take off your mask of foundation and uncover the best use for this classic makeup item.

Camoflauge makeup Camouflage Dos and Don'ts
Put your biggest flaws undercover with one of Laura's secret weapons—camouflage makeup. It's specially designed to hide your imperfections for hours on end.

Concealer Keep Your Eyes on Concealer
How is concealer different than foundation or camouflage makeup? The answer is in your eyes!


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