Givenchy eyeshadow

Photo: Mitchell Feinberg

Eye Openers
Just in time for the bright heat of summer comes the bright, hot Givenchy Le Prismissime Yeux nine-color eyeshadow palette in Acid Lights ($62; Go for a subtle wash over your lids or a vivid shot of color along your lashline. Sizzling!
Sephora collection color wand

Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

Small Wand-ers
For the quick-change artists among you: Try the Sephora Collection Color Wand in Athena ($10; It holds six mini-glosses—each with its own applicator—that leave lips shiny but not sticky. Start your morning with the rosy pink, switch to the bright raspberry after lunch, and dazzle with the deep fuchsia during cocktails.
Supergoop! suntan lotion

Photo: Gregor Halenda

Sun Protection Shocker
We thought this 24-ounce jug of sunscreen (Supergoop! SPF 30+ Everyday UV lotion, $68; would last us through Labor Day. Then we did the math: Dermatologists recommend at least one ounce (about a full shot glass) of sunscreen to cover your body. And you should reapply it every two hours. So say you're on vacation, spending six hours a day outside—this jug should last you about...eight days.

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Love Life Skin intensive recovery serum

Photo: Gregor Halenda

Tender Loving Skincare
It's not the most obvious place for the birth of a line of skincare products. But as she sat receiving IV chemotherapy in her New York City doctor's office, Ranee Flynn overheard cancer specialist Ann Marie Beddoe, MD, consoling another patient whose skin was suffering from the side effects of cancer drugs. Flynn, a beauty-industry veteran who has launched many brands, had an idea. Why not develop a line formulated specifically to treat cancer-ravaged skin?

Working closely with a group of doctors and a chemist, Flynn created Love Life Skin, overseeing everything from product development to safety testing to copywriting. All the products (a daily moisturizer, a serum, an eye cream, and a hand cream) feature Recovery Elixir 31, a deeply hydrating blend of organic botanicals, antioxidants, and heavy-duty moisturizers like astrocaryum murumuru seed butter and hyaluronic acid, to reduce redness, irritation, and inflammation. Ten percent of the proceeds from sales will go to cancer research. "That's really just selfish of me," says Flynn. "Research is expensive, cancer tends to revisit, and I don't want to deal with it again in my lifetime."