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Are You Happy with Your Looks?
Unlimited options to "fix" every "problem," with knives, needles, or lasers—not to mention Photoshop—have created a standard of beauty (Bambi eyelashes! moonlike white teeth!) practically guaranteed to make you want to shatter your mirror.

What's a sane woman to do? Keep reading for a rich mix of viewpoints, including a surprising glimpse into what O readers, young and older, really think about the way they look.

Do You Like Your Appearance?
60s: 64%
Teens 69.3%

Do You Look Good for Your Age?

60s: 88.3%
Teens 80.2%

"Isn't it great that we seem only a little less satisfied as we get older? I wish more than two-thirds of both groups felt that way!"—Valerie Monroe, Beauty Director