So how can you make your look sizzle this summer without your makeup melting off into oblivion? Laura Mercier shares some secrets for makeup that's natural, fresh and lasting, even in summer's super hot temperatures.
 Summer Makeup Tip #1
Use primer during the summer so your makeup stays put longer. Apply it after smoothing an oil-free moisturizer all over your face and before applying any other makeup. In very hot weather, rely on primer to keep your makeup in place and use less foundation, which is heavier and more likely to melt off.

Summer Makeup Tip #2
Refrigerate your primer. When you apply it to your face, the cooling affect reduces puffiness. Plus, the crisp feel provides an invigorating start to your day, and the refrigeration conserves the makeup longer.

Summer Makeup Tip #3
Switch from foundation to tinted moisturizer, or use a blend of the two. Blending lets you update your foundation color to match your summer skin tone, which is usually a bit darker due to increased sun exposure. Plus, the texture of a blend will be more sheer, more natural and lighter than just foundation, so your skin will breathe and glow. A tinted moisturizer alone is even lighter and looks very summery.

Summer Makeup Tip #4
Apply oil-free moisturizer every morning, preferably one with SPF protection, to replenish moisture and nourish your skin before applying your primer and makeup.

Summer Makeup Tip #5
For a casual yet flawless summer face, just use concealer around your eyes and a camouflaging product to cover blemishes, veins, redness or other small imperfections elsewhere on your face. Avoid heavy foundation so you don't hide your natural, sunny glow.

Summer Makeup Tip #6
Wear a lip balm with SPF protection under your lipstick to condition your lips, protect them from the sun and even out their texture.

Summer Makeup Tip #7
Glosses are great for shiny, sheer, plump-looking lips this summer. See Laura's year-round tips for luscious lips.


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