Simple twist updo

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Haven't washed your hair in a day or two? Good work—you've got a jump start on this style. It looks best on hair that's less than silky clean (if yours is freshly shampooed, use a mousse to add texture). First, gently tease your hair all over at the root with a fine-tooth comb. Then use a soft-bristle brush to smooth out the top layer. Pull the upper half of your hair up and away from the temples and fasten it with a couple of pins in the back just below the crown. Now take the bottom half of your hair, twist it up, and pin that section on either side like a loose bun. The style will require fewer pins than you might think—our model's hair hung midway down her back and needed only eight. When you're done, slide a slim elastic headband (the one here is from Emi-Jay, $5) an inch or two back from the hairline (leaving out bangs if you have them); it'll smooth flyaways. This is a very casual take on the French twist, so don't try for anything close to perfection. "Embrace the beautiful mess!" says Melville. Dress, Burberry Prorsum.