Joy Booker

Photo: Bjorn Wallender

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Making Every Inch Count
Joy Booker, principal at a human resources consulting firm

When Booker moved from a house to an apartment, she waved goodbye to her walk-in. "I had to be creative with space since I had so little of it," she says. That meant installing a rod along the top of the closet from which she suspends boots from hooks. And gluing photos of 50 pairs of shoes (stacked by type) onto their boxes. Finally, she mounted a jewelry organizer and a tie rack. "Every time I open the doors, I smile," Booker says.

Joy's Closet Credo

Use Matching Hangers
"The uniformity helps clothes hang nicely and saves space," says Booker. "I like polished wood hangers, with swiveling hooks, to avoid snags."

Don't Overstuff
"If everything is squeezed in tight, you'll spend 20 minutes trying to find things instead of spending that time accessorizing. Plus, your clothes get wrinkled!"

Find Multitaskers
"The storage ottoman I keep my stockings in also gives me somewhere to sit when I'm putting on my shoes in the morning. When I'm finished, I just push it back into the closet."

Dress, Tory Burch, $328. Watch, Hermès. Bracelet, Diane von Furstenberg by H. Stern.Shoes, Casadei.