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The Problem: Bat Wings
Flabby skin on the underside of the upper arms (a.k.a. hello Helens, arm flags).

The Solution
Converting sleeveless tops by wearing long sleeves underneath is an effective fix, says Glassman. "Shrugs, as well as anything with full sleeves, are terrific, too."

Sleeveless styles and cap sleeves. "You may think cap sleeves provide some coverage, but they actually make the upper arms look bigger," Glassman says.

Blouse, Ramy Brook, Pitkin County Dry Goods, Aspen CO; 970-925-1681. Skirt, Rachel Roy. Earrings, Flying Lizard, Cuff, CuffLett, Green With Envy, Armonk, NY; 917-765-0002. Ring, Martine Wester.