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Can You Get Rid of it For Good?
Diet and exercise can't do much to change what is largely a genetic issue. And while liposuction is possible, it can be a dicey proposition: "If the area between the ankle and calf is dominated by muscle and bone as opposed to fat, then surgery is not an option," says Kolker.

The Fix

Darker colors and neutrals are more flattering than brights. As for heels, the slimmer, the better, says Glassman

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Match Your Skin Tone
Fergalicious by Fergie, $50;

Vertical Stripes
$230; Eric Daman for DKNY tights, $20, Bloomingdale's; 800-555-7467

Stuart Weitzman, $375; 212-750-2555. Donna Karan tights, $25, Nordstrom; 800-695-8000

Angled Bootie
$90; Tights, $20;

It's the cankle-sufferer's lament: finding boots that fit. These have elastic panels that stretch over problem ares, minimizing tugging.

Me Too, $99;


"You want to have a clean, uninterrupted line between shoe and foot." —Adam