She used to be a hot-to-trot sexpot, but 10 years of marriage and two kids later, this suburban mom is in desperate need of a head-to-toe makeover! Her husband Mark says Heather's appliqué sweaters remind him of his mother-in-law! The scarecrow/turkey sweater, the pumpkin sweater, the Fourth of July Star Spangled Banner sweater—you name it, she has it!

"I've definitely forgotten what sexy means," Heather says. "I want to show that side of me, but carpools and sippy cups and diapers don't really allow you to explore that part of you."
Heather after her sexpot makeover!

Sexpot jackpot!

Our team of experts, Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall, Essence magazine's Mikki Taylor, and top beauty pros got to work. With their help, Heather is sexed up to the max! No more holiday sweaters—it's skin-baring clothes and knee-high boots!

Stylists loosened up her short crop and gave her feathery extensions and highlights. A little liner and glossy lips give Heather a sexy glow.
Marcia says she feels unsexy

Marcia is a 40-year-old mom who says her "sex-o-meter" is at an all-time low. The owner of a Wendy's fast-food restaurant, Marcia says it's hard to feel sexy in her uniforms. And it's not just her loose jeans and preppy loafers bringing her down—it's also what's underneath!

"Just last Valentine's Day, I bought a red negligee and when I put it on, it was somewhat revealing and I found it hard to come out of the bedroom in this negligee in front of my husband."

Marcia says she's ready to break out of her very unsexy rut.
Marcia after her sexpot makeover

With the help of pole-dancing expert Sheila Kelley, Marcia picks out some sensual lingerie during a La Perla shopping spree. After trying on dozens of different bras and panties, the once-shy Marcia loosens up.

"I feel a little bit more brave—I think I can do this. I think I found a little sexpot in there somewhere," Marcia says.

Marcia found her sexpot, all right, and confidently struts her stuff!

Stylists cut Marcia's hair diagonally to create a long, layered, wispy look. They colored her hair a rich black, with soft blond highlights just to frame the face. To create the dewy look, she glossed her lips and was lathered in a super-soft body crème and a lickable cocoa shimmer body powder.
Sheryl says she feels frumpy

This 54-year-old schoolteacher says life in the woods of northern Michigan has her dressing a little frumpy...and when it comes to sex, feeling a little grumpy! Sheryl owns 15 denim jumpers—and when she dresses up, it's in a black jumper!

Sheryl's husband says she wears "Frederick's of Michigan" to bed. After 26 years of marriage, Sheryl says their sex life is on the downslide.

"I'm ready to try something fun! The old daring me is in there somewhere!"
Sheryl is a sexpot!

Take a look at the hot new Sheryl!

In just a few hours, hairstylist to the stars Ken Pavés and his team worked their magic to transform Sheryl from frumpy to fab! They cut and colored, giving her a new, tousled hairstyle à la Brigitte Bardot!
Mary Ann says she doesn't feel sexy

When Maryann stopped working to take care of her daughter, she replaced all her suits and heels for a closet full of comfy sweats. She says she doesn't feel sexy, and has no time to do her hair, makeup—even shower!
Mary Ann after her sexpot makeover!

After makeover teams work their magic on Maryann, she's got a whole new style—an updated 'do and some hip-hugging jeans.