Sassy, Sultry Summer Hair
Fun-filled summer days are not necessarily a day at the beach for your tresses. In fact, the very things you love most about summertime may wreak major havoc on your lovely locks. Give yourself and your fragile follicles a much-needed break. Pack up your blow dryers and hot irons and go with the flow of the season's hottest hair trends.

Summer Trends—Go Natural
Do your own "mane" thing. Let your hair's born-with-it-textures gloriously emerge. Stylish tresses, from ravishing ringlets, bouncy waves and chunky layers, to tousled and flippy ends, are all the current rage. "Minimalist Chic" is in. Dump harsh, rigid, studied styles that are definitely no longer happening.

Start with a fun and fabulous cut that works with your hair's natural texture and type. Opt for styles that effortlessly compliment your vacation time plans. Select hairstyles that flow easily from a day lying by the pool, to a languid moonlight dinner under the stars. Intentionally windswept, surf-infused tousled mops are fabulous for any length or type of hair and will turn heads everywhere.

Make Summer Hair Care a Breeze
Women often spend too much time trying to recreate those effortless days-at-the-beach tresses of their youth. Instead, explore your hair's natural comfort zone and wear styles that are quick, easy and make you feel fantastic. Think low maintenance. Highlight and enhance what Mother Nature gave you by utilizing summer inspired shades that compliment your natural complexion.

Letting your hair do its own thing doesn't mean ignoring it completely. It means cranking up the healthiness factor so your locks have beautiful body and movement. Schedule regular trims and deep conditioning treatments to keep tresses in tip-top shape. Remember that the health of your hair coupled with a great cut is the key ingredient for sultry strands at any length.

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