Makeup artist Bobbi Brown shares tips for older women.

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Since the launch of her first line of lipsticks in 1991, makeup artist Bobbi Brown has been creating palettes and powders that flatter women of all ages. Now, as Bobbi prepares to turn 50, she's less concerned about concealing her age and more focused on celebrating her maturity.

"I'm so happy," she says. "I'm ready to be who I am. I'm ready to be the best I can be."

Bobbi says the key to looking beautiful at her age isn't what she puts on her faceā€”it's how she cares for her body. "It's about [how you're] eating," she says. "It's about exercise more than anything else."

Skincare is also key for older women, she says. Remember that as you age, your skin gets drier. When this happens, Bobbi suggests that women switch from powder blush to cream rouge.