You should always color your hair before vacation. Fresh color always looks better in pictures and you will feel more confident and sun goddess-like while basking on the beach.

Don't worry about covering your hair in the sun. The sun lightens hair naturally making your hair color brighter, more golden, and all around prettier.

SPF protects your skin but it is also important for protecting your hair. Use products with SPF in them such as gels or a dry oil (Phyto). Use this everyday, even when just enjoying a walk on a sunny, summer day.

The beach is not the only place your hair needs protection. Chlorine from swimming pools is very drying to both your hair and skin. Be sure to rinse your hair using spring water.

Always keep conditioner in your beach bag. Any conditioner will work but a conditioning mask is best. The sun acts as heat and cooks the treatment into your hair. This will work all day, through dips in the pool or ocean, and keep your hair smooth, shiny, and frizz free. Also, when pulling your hair into a ponytail (as we all do on hot summer days) use a conditioner instead of your normal styling product like mousse or gel. This will still give you a sleek look with the added bonus of extra conditioning. Anytime you can replace a styling product with conditioner is ideal, especially for people with curly hair, which is naturally drier. Another easy solution to hair protection is to throw your hair into a bun. This gives your hair less sun exposure while sporting a fun, beach do.

It is very important to use a milky colored shampoo for color treated hair as this has more moisturizer and it will keep your hair protected for a day out in the sun. If your hair is fine, try to use a mild shampoo and light conditioner on the ends.